June 19th, 2006

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I was cutting out logos from t shirts, and now i have a TON of neckline and sleeve scraps (and some oddly shaped chunks)... does anyone know of projects that could specifically use them? (i could just use the material for random stuff, but it seems like there must be something that uses lots of sleeves...or i'm crazy...:)
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Hi, girls (and boys). I dug through the memories for a while, but I couldn't find any tutorials or tips on how to make the kind of halter I've heard referred to as a 50s-style halter top, like this. (Or, uh, longer. But it's the neckline that I'm most interested in):


Hello, lovelies!:)

So, the other night I was up trying a new stitch. I've had my machine for awhile now, but I'd never used this stitch and when I tried it - I fell in love! Here are the results of a pinks men's xl t-shirt, a black fabric pen, and some grey cheetah fabric!

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