June 17th, 2006


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I haven't posted in a while, but I just remembered this shirt when I wore it yesterday. I made it last summer, and totally forgot about it. It was a t-shirt and a plain black wife beater (boy beater, undershirt whatever you'd like to call it). I accidentally ruined the original t-shirt the first day I wore it with coffee down the front. Then I ruined it more by accidentally ripping holes in it trying to scrub the stupid coffee stain out.

Eventually it because unwearable unless I wanted my nipples hanging out, which most of the time I don't. The neckline and the sleeves were just too awesome to toss. So I chopped them off and sewed them onto the wife beater. It was actually really difficult because of the shape of the sleeves and the stretchy-ish fabric. I sewed it by hand because, well because I'm a glutton for pain or something, it probably wasn't necessary.

But here it is!

Unfortunately I got bleach on it yesterday at work. Apparently I got the bleach on my hand and then felt myself up or something because the spot is right on my boob. It's not that bad, and the color it made is kind of nice. Is there a way I could get that effect on more of the shirt on purpose? EH?

first surgery ever

i'm a complete newbie. here's my first anything..
i went and saw saves the day in december in providence and got a medium shirt...damn unisex shirts with no shape. so instead of giving it away to my brother, i made a purse.
the lining is an old random gap shirt i had in a box in the basement...so i put it to use.


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Good morning ! I need a little help guys I tried following the pants tuturial in the memories last night but I got a little stuck on teh waistband and tried it according to the directions but its not exactly correct. I took it apart and decided to restart it but rather unsuccessfully. The problem is the pants are too big for the waistband so im stuck with a bunch of fabric or if i extend the waistband then teh pants don't fit. But more importantly I don't understand how to attach the waistband ! any advice ???

miss murder

There is a possibility that this may be the stupidest question in the history of the tshirtsurgery community, but, do you have to have a sewing machine in order to do the amazing assignments on this community?
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as a follow-up to taped_shut's question...

i went to overstock.com and sewing machines can get PRICEYYYYY, but i also saw some that were pretty cheap ($25...). i don't want to spend hella bank on one but i really don't want a crappy one that isn't going to get the job done well or will fall apart after being used twice.

-what's the least i can spend to get a good quality sewing machine?
-how much did you guys pay for yours?

thanks in advanced guys!
I love you

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Hey guys! Text only, sorry. Okay, so, i'm one of those big busty women you hear about ((or see in playboy)) ((no im not in playboy)) and if you look at my user page, you'll see what i mean. Anyway, I love to play it up, but since i'm over endowed, my endevers in tshirts surgery are limited. SO can anyone give me some advice on what shirts i should make? Or which tutorials i should use? And what size shirts i should use? I tried to figure out which ones myself but jeez...i got confused, lol. So any help would be appreciated.
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