June 16th, 2006

Please dont eat me.

Okay so I have seen alot of the pants made from oversized t-shirts. Was there ever a tutorial posted on here of that? because I dont want to waste my time looking if it isn't here.
And this was made out of an old dress and a fall out boy t-shirt.

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hey sorry, itstext only, but as soon as i saw this i had to post! the t shirt designer who wrote that t shirt reconstruction book (not tease, but another, whose title is escaping me right now) is on Martha! as in marta stewart! they arent showing the segment yet, so i dont know what they say about it, but im really excited!

my shot at a kitten shirt

SO I was stalking the community like always, getting ideas and such, when I saw the post with the kittie shirt. I thought, Oh man! If i had a kitten I would do that. But as fate would have it I just got a kitten!

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This was a lil difficult since I have never made sleeves before, especially tiny ones, but it was cute while she wore it. She got out of it and is now spliting her time attacking it, my arm, and the computer.

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In response to this shirt :

Here's what it ended up looking like.  Somewhat different, but the same concept, no?  And disregard the funny face, I forgot to crop this before posting.
I've also included a step by step of how I made it.
(Warning, very image heavy)
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default trek

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Hey there guys and gals! so last week was Gayday (our school's annual LGBT ... festival) so I have some gayday shirt recons!

this first I purchased myself:
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(this year's theme was superheros, so you had Captain Fabulous, Lesbionic Woman, and Dynamic Doer)

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