June 15th, 2006

using ribbon to resize

sorry for the text-only, but I've checked the memories and can't find anything about this. I recall seeing a girl with an oversized t-shirt, and she'd altered its size with ribbons. under the armpits of the shirt, on the side, it looked like she wove ribbons through the fabric and scrunched it. can anyone please explain this to me in greater detail? thanks so much!

Little Bit of Surgery

I haven't posted here before. I went shopping today and was remarked way too many times how I could make most of the crap they had in the stores I was in... so I decided to make something instead of complaining. This is a shirt I bought a while ago. Used to be a pretty big men's shirt. I have a soft-spot for tie-dyed things...

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jack black high fidel

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not a n00b but still learning..ive never posted before..so some of these are kinda old
some are really new because ive been sewing a lot lately..etc.

tell me what you think:

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andrew bird

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Oh goodness. This is my first tutorial. It may be a little complicated. Please let me know if there is any confusion. I'm happy to help.
This tutorial took so much out of me that I won't be doing the red embassy one until tomorrow. I hope this helps!
Oh! And here's the link to the actual clothes I made: 

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