June 14th, 2006


Purely informational post!

Hey -

I am more of a lurker than a do-er, so I thought that I would FINALLY contribute something to this community.

Have you ever been to http://www.etsy.com/ ? It is a website where people can sell handmade items. It is quite lovely, I stumbled upon it while browsing del.icio.us . Thought some of you might be interested, as most of the work I see her is so wonderful (no I do not work for them, yes I truly did just stumble across it. I even twisted my ankle!)

Good day to you all!


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hey! :-)

My boyfriend likes to design his own t-shirts and makes them with stencils and paint. we were talking the other day and he mentioned how he wanted a silk screening machine. does anyone have any suggestions for what I should look for in trying to purchase a silk screening machine? the kits seem to range from $40-$140 and I was just wondering if someone could help me out! thanks!

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Okay, I have a bag that I made out of shirts.
I have all the peices complete, but I'm putting the straps in.
Im having trouble deciding how to put the liner, straps, and a band at the top on, so that it looks cleaner where i put the liner in. I'm thinking, I can pull the liner up, and then sew it to the outside, but then you would see the straps. If I put the straps in between the liner and the outside, then I couldnt fold the liner up, but I could cut a peice, and sew it on, however It would not cover the seam at the top very well. Sorry if this is confusing. Any ideas? I must be done the purse by 1:00, so I'm kind of on a time crunch.

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question real quick..

i got a black motley crue shirt the other day& i want to make it faded, worn out& thin so it looks like its old. is there a way to do this other than washing it 800 times?



i currently have no sewing machine, and lack the funds to get one. but while i was doing some cleaning in my house, i found one of those handheld ministitcher machines. it's never been opened, and i guess my mom bought it on some whim a while ago and never used it. im really sick of handsewing (and im not very good at doing that either)...

it's pretty much this : clicky

do any of you have any experience with these machines and diy-ing? do they work in editing t-shirts and making cute stuff? do the stitches hold as well as real sewing machines?

any opinions would be great.
Dave Grohl

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This was my first surgery, and my first post in this community, (though I've been a lurker for a while!). Comments and constructive critism is welcomed. I'm Kaitlyn by the way!
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oh! Please someone help me. Ill be forever grateful.

Does anyone remember a post in which a girl made her prom dress and it was beautiful black and white stripes with red? I remember her date had a striped shirt also. I've been searching forever for it and I can't seem to find it.

Sigh, I had it saved, but computer crashes are not my best friend.

Thank you so much. I'll post my first ever surgery in a couple of days, right after I'm done the finishing touches.

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Ever since I was like... 9 years old, I've always designed stuff, but my "dad" sold my sewing machine when I was that old too. (Plus, wee kids and needles....)

But now, I've joined this comm, and love, love, love, the designs that come spewing out of people. However, since I've broken my fingers for the ... oh... millionth time, my ability to sew in a straight line is somewhat hampered. And; no sewing machine.

So. If there are any ways to stick fabric together with no sewing involved... well, are there any ways to stick fabric together with no sewing? I remember something about iron-on tape... kinda like fabric glue on a strip? Is that any good for durability? (Oh and I don't live in America, I live in Scotland so please don't give me American shops or products I can't get in the U.K.)

I promise I'll be good and post pictures :)


P.S. And I promise no buttons, hearts, stars, dinosaurs, robots or stripes. Add or delete from list as appropiate to individual tastes :)