June 11th, 2006

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On the Brink of a Burnout

It was yesterday afternoon after I (somewhat) finished sewing this Alice In Wonderland/Humpty Dumpty Print Cropped Summer Hoodie together:

When my sewing machine started to smell like the motor was burning! Quick! Doctor please! Does it need oil somewhere? Does anyone know the proper remedy measures I should assume? Any and all suggestions will be taken into utmost consideration! Please help a fellow tsurg sista out!
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Hi! :D Long time crafty chick, relatively recent member of t_shirt_surgery, and today took some ideas from the comm and performed an (I think) successful surgery on an old favorite.

Though I've recently lost a significant amount of weight, I'm currently wearing a 14/16 top, and recent postings on related matters spurred me on to go forth and surger-ize. And then share. :D

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Yay! Nothing tooo complicated, but I'm pleased nonetheless. And since I'm joining the throng of HP fangirls headed for Lumos, I'll need the ventilation up the sides for Vegas in JULY. :D I think I'm taking the scalpel to my DMB shirt next and going for a tank top, probably :P.

So anyway. Glad to be here. You are all incredibly talented, and have given me some seriously creative and ambitious ideas. Thanks guys! ♥
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Fun with Appliques

So I took this blue, long-sleeved t-shirt, and turned it into a cool one-strap tunic-y thing, and all was well in my world. Then, while I was trimming the excess fabric away from the seams, I goofed up, and cut a nice little hole in the top. I was distraught. Then I realized...

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so i was going to wait until i had more things done before i posted buttt my sewing room is being occupied by some random chior kids we are hosting and i cant go in there and mess up the beautifully clean room! hahaha so heres a few things...
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I haven't posted in a while, but I've certainly been making a bunch of stuff. Here's one I made for a graduation party with my fam. I used the  bottom half of a too-small tee and fabric from an adorable pillow case.

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That is all.