June 9th, 2006

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Who here remembers back, way back to awesome post about making floormats from old tshirts? It's not in the memories, but it should be.

If you made that post, or have the link to it- hook a sista up.
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Alright, I looked through the memories, and to my luck I did not find what I was looking for,
I also looked other places, but I am still lost.

I've been sewing on and off for far too long, but I'm always always always stuck when it comes to collars.
Most of the people who post stuff on here have beautiful banded collars, in a variety of shapes and colors and it's lovely, but I can't manage to do that on my own; i've tried.. goodness, it's never came out correctly. And it seems most of them are just made from t-shirt or fabric scraps, not special collar material. So if anyone can point me in the direction of a tutorial or something of that sort I'd be forever in your debt.

thank you.

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i searched thru the memories and links and all and didn't see anything about vests. so i'm asking you all.

on one episode of the tv show House Dr. Cameron was wearing a business suit sort of outfit that included this vest i really liked. i can't seem to find one online that has a neck that scoops as low as hers (below her breasts i think). it looked something like this except longer and with only one row of buttons. it was black and more formal looking

i'm hoping to make something like this out of an old button down shirt, so i was hoping maybe someone could offer some adivce or maybe a tutorial on this sort of project!

thanks in advance for any help and input

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hello! so okay, i am thinking of making a bag quite similar to this one, posted not too long ago!

the link: http://community.livejournal.com/t_shirt_surgery/4111706.html?view=69247066#t69247066

but.. i have two questions:

is there a specific tutorial that could follow that? i'm looking at it & i'm not exactly sure on what to do. i already looked on craftster too.. i'm just confused cos it's with a freakin' pair of pants instead.

oh yes, second question. the fabric i am using is this faded grey-blue pair of corduroy pants. it was like, baby clothes from a million years ago. any suggestion to what pattern &/or color lining it should be? i'll probably end up using whatever old baby clothes' fabric i have at home.

aaaand. last one, i promise :) for the bag, could i use a button snap to close it? i don't really have zippers at home right now. when i mean button snap, just basically like a strip of fabric with a button snap sewed in on the end?? that sounds confusing, but i hope whoever reads this gets it.

well okay. oh right, & i went to this big, beautiful thrift store with some girlfriends today. i got this TOTALLY cute b/w polka dot dress & a pink/black polka dot cami! they're totally cute, but i'm planning on making some adjustments, so i'll post pictures soon :)

thanks in advance!