June 8th, 2006


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Hey guys!! I'm going to post this one more time for the people who haven't seen it just cause the swap is on saturday. Thank you so much!


Swap-o-Rama-Rama and the Garment District invite you to...

Boston Swap-o-Rama-Rama Summer 2006

June 10th, 12-4 pm
45 Mt. Auburn St
Cambridge, MA


The Boston Summer 2006 Swap-o-Rama-Rama is a chance to clear out your
closet and jewelry box and swap it all in for someone else's
treasures. Bring a bag of wearable (you know, perfectly good things
that you just never seem to put on) garments and accessories. Take
home a couple choice finds - or as much as you can carry! Remainder
clothes go to charity.

Men, Women, Boys, Girls, anyone in between...

**** Not only that ******

We'll provide DIY stations with sewing machines, artists, and supplies
where you can alter, repair and embellish your new finds.

$5 entrance

If you'd like to volunteer at the event (first pick at clothes!
homemade cookies! free entrance!) please EMAIL us!

More info: