June 7th, 2006

singer 6212/6202 manual


Sorry if this isn't allowed, I really need help though. I just bought a Singer 6212 sewing machine at a local thrift store and I'm looking for a manual for it. I know I can order it from the Singer website and I also found a site where I can download it for $8, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a website where you can download them for free?

P.s I already checked the memories and searched on my own.

Please and thank you,
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I'm Allison, I've been a lurker for quite some time now. I'm really quite obsessed with t-shirt surgery but don't know quite where to begin because I'm not a very good sewer.
Here's my question. A friend of mine needs a mannequin or a dress form. Where can I get one? Where did you guys get yours? All the ones I've seen have been really expensive.

Bag and Wallet and small pouches

Out of a pair of courdoroy pants that didnt fit, I made this messenger style bag.
The lining was made of a bunch of scrap fabric I had that I cut into little squares and sewed together. Most of this was sewn with a sewing machine. I added a little cell phone pocket because I like pockets, even though it probably wasnt necessary, considering the pants have five pockets already.

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Out of a shirt I got at Kohl's that cut off my circulation...
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Finally I made a Collapse )

Nanana. Tub top dresses..?

I want to make a tube top dress, like the ones Jac Vanek makes, but I dont know how, I really lack in sewing, let alone creativity lol. I also need to know how to add an elastic band around the top inside of the dress after it's finished.
Thankss <33

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