June 5th, 2006


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Alot of people commented about the garnment district in my last post...and this toatally goes along with this community. So all you boston kids..check it out!

Swap-o-Rama-Rama and the Garment District invite you to...

Boston Swap-o-Rama-Rama Summer 2006

June 10th, 12-4 pm
45 Mt. Auburn St
Cambridge, MA


The Boston Summer 2006 Swap-o-Rama-Rama is a chance to clear out your
closet and jewelry box and swap it all in for someone else's
treasures. Bring a bag of wearable (you know, perfectly good things
that you just never seem to put on) garments and accessories. Take
home a couple choice finds - or as much as you can carry! Remainder
clothes go to charity.

Men, Women, Boys, Girls, anyone in between...

**** Not only that ******

We'll provide DIY stations with sewing machines, artists, and supplies
where you can alter, repair and embellish your new finds.

$5 entrance

If you'd like to volunteer at the event (first pick at clothes!
homemade cookies! free entrance!) please EMAIL us!

More info:

A haaaalter, pants, purse, etc.

Went out of town to visit my parents and went on a slight sewing rampage... I made 1 halter, 2 purses, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of pants. Fortunately for yall, I gave my dad one pair of the shorts [made from an old shirt of his to fit him] but they had a drawstring and I was so damn proud of it, I need to steal them back and get pictures. Also, one of the purses is in my car still and I haven't yet photographed the other pair of shorts.. gaah.

Onwards and upwards... I present:

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Hiya ppl! Here is a top i made from a plain t-shirt i grew out of. Its nothing amazing but now it fits again! I used a tutorial from Generation T which meant sewing the side seams by hand since i am lacking a sewing machine.

the back...

This was my first surgery(i think), made from the same t shirt only in pink

and the back...

Also, i have a yellow fundraiser t shirt(look down!) that i customised a little for school, but its huge and unwearable so i was thinking of making it into a dress like this, or just resizing it into a long t shirt. Ideas appreciated...

While im posting pics, here are a few bags ive made- the first is from an old pocahontas t shirt, the denim one is from the legs of my old dungarees and the last one i actually bought the material for(btw sorry thats not really t shirt surgery)

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Does anyone else here get mad because they've made a mistake and break down and cry? I just did, I sewed something on the wrong side and i even measured it to to see which way to put it, and I feel so stupid because I messed it up without giving it a second opinion, I was all excited too, It was going to be so cute...:'( Fellow t-shirt surgeons, please let me know i'm not the only one...
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Quick question

Hi all, sorry for the text-only post. A quick question: when you're reconstructing zip-up hoodies, do you ever have the problem of the zipper going all wiggly and bulging out in strange places? Do you know how to fix this problem? I'm thinking maybe interfacing around the zipper, but other suggestions would be great.
Thank you so much!

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so hey there err'body! i'm diana and i'm 14 [yes i'm a wee young'n.] anyway, I made my semi-first tshirt surgery today, and i'm kinda proud of it. so here we go. tell me your thoughts!.

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