June 4th, 2006

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Hmm this is my first entry and Its not that spetacular, but I thoguht since I changed it Imight as well add it to your collections. And since I look at this form everyday, even before I had a Lj, it would be nice to be part of it ^-^

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Ok so I don't wear t shirts. I hate things being tight in my armpits i think its nasty. But I had this pile of t shirts that I couldn't pass up so I spent my day off creating...

The pictures aren't as good as I hoped but you can blame that on my brother....

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And to see more...
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hi. i haven't posted in, oh, forever. (forever = since winter break). i looove summer because i have more free time to make stuff AND because this community gets waaaay better because a lot of other people have more time to make stuff. i've got a few things that i made during the last six months to show you...

so, i made this little dress out of a girls' nightgown from k-mart. it had long sleeves and a high collar with three snaps (sorry, no pictures). i resized it, gave it a a new neckline and cap sleeves, and gathered it at the hips. i dig it.

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Famous people stencils on LJ?

I want to try to screenprint a shirt. I'd really like to find some stencils of celebrities... I remember somehwere on LJ I found a post with about a bajillion stencils of celebrities, political figures, etc. I think I may have found it through this comm... anyone else seen this and know where it is?

I really want a James Dean stencil. I could make my own in Photoshop, but it's hard to make it simply black and white and still have decent detail, and the ones I saw were all ready-made black and white.

Thanks! Oh, and I've already looked through the stencils memories.