June 1st, 2006

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can someone tell me, what is a "special hem"? As in, I'm buying a pair of trousers with a quote, special hem, that is about an inch and a half shorter than my normal inseam.  is this kind of hem able to be taken out?  Sorry for being a bit off topic, but no one else seems to know, and I figured you guys know your way around a hem ;)

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i just can't stop creating things...agh!
course, i am going to be delayed until i fix my sewing machine. the belt broke! no!!! little sewing machine!
i'm very sad. i am the worst hand sewer ever, and my machine broke. damnit.
course it is about a million years old and it was about time the belt broke. now i just have to buy a new one. damn.
well, before it broke yesterday, i did manage to get a project out of it. even as the rubber was tearing... *sniffle*
it was hard for me to really do it, because i cut up my favorite shirts ever.
the ones my parents say "katy, why the **** are you still wearing that?"
the one i've been wearing since elementary school.
the one with stinky armpit stain thingies from wearing it too long. those are gross. so i cut them off. and replaced them. enough of this babble! on to the show!
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My first official stencilling.

The one is GIR and says DOOM DOOM DOOM all along the bottom. The green one has an ambulance on the front and says When BYOB turns into CPR on the back. And the white one with the heart says Video Games stole my Boyfriend.

I am just starting into actually sewing and reconstructing t-shirts and other things... I blame tv... and my washing machine.

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im so insanly terribly sorry for making a text-only post, but i've been searching high and low for a really in-depth tutorial on how to make a neckline / sweetheart neckline. If anyone can help me out, I will present them a big, chewy, giant cookie. Thanks loves!
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