April 17th, 2005



I don't have a before picture, but this shirt started as a big old mens tshirt. (It also has a little pocket on the chest that you can't really see in these pictures) Anyway, I decided that I wanted to make it little with puffy sleeves...

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Hey guys,
I recently made some dresses out of over-sized t-shirt. They actually turned out good so i am selling them now on ebay. I wanted to post so i could get some opinions and stuff. If you like the dress a lot, just click the picture and it will link you to the ebay page. All of them are for sale except the nekromantix one. I liked it too much to sell it. :)

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I'm green sometimes!

Long time no post.
Made from an XL men's shirt, white eyelet lace, and long strips of white bedsheet.

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I basically resized the shirt, cut 6" from the bottom, made a waistband (can't really see from the pics), made princes sleeves, made the collar much bigger, sewed two strips of wide eyelet lace underneath, and sewed straps for a halter effect.