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t-shirt surgery [entries|friends|calendar]
the deconstruction & reconstruction of t-shirts.


NEW USERS, welcome to t_shirt_surgery, here are the most important guidelines for the community. the full list can be found on the userinfo page.
  • read the rules & tags before asking a question. we have over 9000 members so most questions have already been answered.
  • stay on topic. that means you can post anything made from or into a t-shirt. no plugging rating communities, and no posts exclusively made to sell your item.
  • for specific topics like stencilling, skirts, or other crafts, look at the userinfo to find a more appropriate community. don't ask for a specific stencil here or how to make something non-t-shirt related, there are other comms to deal with those topics.
  • don't be offensive & criticize negatively. persistently nasty commenters will be banned.
    if you deliberately break these guidelines you will be banned. having said all that, enjoy the community, have fun and be crafty!
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    OI OI, Anyone around? [Monday|07 Jul 2014|6:42pm]

    I loved and still love this comm, I just haven't actually surgeried anything in a while, and I miss it! Can we resuscitate it, do you think? Should we start a blog somewhere else?
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    [Thursday|03 Apr 2014|9:23am]

    I'll miss you guys.
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    [Friday|08 Feb 2013|3:28pm]

    New items added this week on Etsy!

    Black Studded Bra 34B

    Guns N Roses Tube Top

    Leopard Bondage Pants

    Black Sabbath Destroyed Tank
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    [Friday|25 Jan 2013|3:35pm]

    New! New! New! Skull Purse, Judas Priest Unisex T, Whitesnake Halftop, SLAYER Dress, Aerosmith halter top


    01041213 002


    01182013 003

    01182013 005

    01182013 007

    01182013 001
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    Turned some oversized t-shirts into... [Sunday|20 Jan 2013|5:20am]

    I'm new, both to this community and to sewing. I'm in the process of teaching myself how to use my sewing machine, and fumbling through okay I think considering I haven't really used anything to teach myself but sitting in front of it and trying it out.

    So here's some things I managed to do in the past few monthsCollapse )
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    [Saturday|05 Jan 2013|3:24pm]

    Last month for items on eBay!

    Opened an Etsy shop instead! http://www.etsy.com/people/PlatiNUMBblonde

    All previously posted items- AC/DC jeans, AC/DC Bikini top, Cradle of Filth shirt, Lady Gaga Judas vest are all dual- listed for you shopping ease!


    Jack Daniel's Vest


    01022013 002

    Motley Crue Hoodie

    Hog's Breath Saloon Halter


    01022013 004
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    Upcycled Crop Top [Tuesday|14 Aug 2012|1:14pm]

    Inspired by a photo she saw, a close friend of mine asked me to customize a shirt for her. The picture consisted of a shirt with an open panel centered down the back, held together with strips of fabric (pinched in the center to create the look of a bow). She left the colors and details to me, but she explained that she preferred it to be a crop top and have the "bows" closer to the top.

    It was a simple DIY project, as I already had a beige crop top I never wore from H & M and old ivory lace curtains, and there was minimal sewing. See the end product:

    Side view:




    Front viewCollapse )
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    stabilizing necklines [Monday|02 Jul 2012|8:49pm]

    I have a question about stable necklines in tshirts. I am about to alter a few shirts at the neck only. I think I am going to do this alteration, because I like the look of it. My question is this: since both fabrics are jersey, do I need to use something (like clear elastic) to stabilize the neckline? I don't want it to stretch out of shape
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    Covering logos [Sunday|24 Jun 2012|2:11pm]

    I recently got a t shirt issued to me by my company, with a corporate logo on it, only to be informed that t shirts are not in our dress code so I can't wear it to work, so...what's the point?

    So I decided to put the shirt to better use. I took the shirt (originally a men's L), cut it smaller so it fit me better, turned the crew neck into a V neck, and then added a blue "swoosh" spiraling down the shirt to conveniently cover the logo, and jazz it up.

    I took pictures of the "adding a swoosh" part. First, I made a paper pattern to make sure I got it in the right shape so it looked nice on the shirt, which was a good idea, because once I got it to look nice on the shirt and then I laid the paper pattern flat, it looked really weird and I'd have never just decided to cut it out that way.

    Pics...Collapse )

    x posted to sew_hip
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    Running into some bumps [Sunday|08 Apr 2012|7:11pm]

    I'm looking for help/suggestions with two issues I'm running into.

    One - I have a couple large t-shirts that I'm planing on making more fitted. Yet I can't seem to find any tutorials or advice on how I can change the shoulder seam. The large ones are the kind where the body is just a rectangle and the sleeve is sewn onto that, whereas the one I'm tracing off of has the sleeves set into the body (girly cut shirt, basically). If I just sew up the sides and bottom of the sleeve, it's still not going to look odd with those shoulder seems down my arms. Help? NEVERMIND. Somehow I missed the tutorial: resize tag and found one that should (fingers crossed) help me get it right.

    Two - Some other large shirts have really cool designs on the back that I would love to have on the front instead, but I haven't really seen any designs that seem like they would work. Part of the problem is cutting the high back neck - if I cut it as low as the front, I lose part of the design. Any suggestions for designs that work with the shirt backwards?

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    T-Shirt to Halter Project [Monday|09 Jan 2012|5:31pm]

    Here's a video showing my project and a tutorial for it :) Hope you like it!

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    T-Shirt Wall Art [Wednesday|04 Jan 2012|2:53pm]

    A little while back I was trying to come up with ideas for cute wall decor on the super cheap (I was laid off a few months ago so EVERYTHING has to be done on the cheap now!).  I remember the pile of t-shirts I have that are just waiting to be used for projects...and the pile of recycled wood in the garage (old shipping palets from HVAC equipment)...put the two together and came up with a really cool idea!  Here's a video showing my project and how I made it :)

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    Baby Sleeper Bags [Wednesday|04 Jan 2012|2:49pm]

    I'm going to be an aunt in less then 2 weeks for the first time!  So I've been trying to think of things I can make for the new baby (without spending much money!)  So I've made a couple of sleeper bags using thrifted tees and old pj pants.  My sister (soon-to-be-mother) looooved the first one so much!

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    T-Shirt Resize [Wednesday|04 Jan 2012|2:47pm]

    It has been forever since I've done any t-shirt recons...but I just finished up several projects :) Here's a quick video showing how I like to do my t-shirt resizes for the best results.  Hope you like :)

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    Staff T Shirts [Friday|25 Nov 2011|10:04pm]
    Suggestions on what to do to modify a t-shirt that has a design on the front and staff across the shoulders on the back? I'm just looking for simple ways to make it my own because i'll be wearing it a lot this month and next. thank you!
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    Shirt for my brother? [Tuesday|22 Nov 2011|10:09pm]

    [ mood | creative ]

    Tomorrow I plan on taking a trip up to Goodwill to pick up some shirts I plan to recon, my little brother is visiting for the week and I was wondering if anyone had any recon ideas for men?

    Most recons are things like halters, tanks, crop tops or laddering. Things my 15 year old brother isn't going to wear.

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    broke halloween [Thursday|03 Nov 2011|5:08pm]


    Hello fellow surgeons!

    I found myself quite poor on halloween, so I made my costume out of three XL men's t-shirts: red, blue & yellow. My total at the goodwill was less than four bucks. yes! I'm pretty good at being poor.

    I was Anne-Marie from All Dogs Go To Heaven:

    The belt & the hair bow were made from other t-shirt scraps I had left over from other projects.

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    [Friday|30 Sep 2011|8:52pm]

    I have a baggy tshirt that I want to make fitted, but don't have my sewing machine with me, so it needs to be minimal or no sew.
    Any tutorials/ideas out there for no sew tshirt surgery?
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    [Thursday|29 Sep 2011|4:38pm]

    Made mah self a fancy new shirt this afternoon. 

    click and enjoyCollapse )
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    Experimenting with T shirt Reconstruction [Wednesday|21 Sep 2011|10:13am]

    [ mood | busy ]

    Hi y'all!
    Ever since I discovered 25 cent day at a local thrift store, I have been experimenting with T shirt reconstruction.  I would like to get other's opinion, sooooo, let me know what you think!



    I have many more as well!


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