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Upcycled Crop Top

Inspired by a photo she saw, a close friend of mine asked me to customize a shirt for her. The picture consisted of a shirt with an open panel centered down the back, held together with strips of fabric (pinched in the center to create the look of a bow). She left the colors and details to me, but she explained that she preferred it to be a crop top and have the "bows" closer to the top.

It was a simple DIY project, as I already had a beige crop top I never wore from H & M and old ivory lace curtains, and there was minimal sewing. See the end product:

Side view:




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stabilizing necklines

I have a question about stable necklines in tshirts. I am about to alter a few shirts at the neck only. I think I am going to do this alteration, because I like the look of it. My question is this: since both fabrics are jersey, do I need to use something (like clear elastic) to stabilize the neckline? I don't want it to stretch out of shape
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Covering logos

I recently got a t shirt issued to me by my company, with a corporate logo on it, only to be informed that t shirts are not in our dress code so I can't wear it to work, so...what's the point?

So I decided to put the shirt to better use. I took the shirt (originally a men's L), cut it smaller so it fit me better, turned the crew neck into a V neck, and then added a blue "swoosh" spiraling down the shirt to conveniently cover the logo, and jazz it up.

I took pictures of the "adding a swoosh" part. First, I made a paper pattern to make sure I got it in the right shape so it looked nice on the shirt, which was a good idea, because once I got it to look nice on the shirt and then I laid the paper pattern flat, it looked really weird and I'd have never just decided to cut it out that way.

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Running into some bumps

I'm looking for help/suggestions with two issues I'm running into.

One - I have a couple large t-shirts that I'm planing on making more fitted. Yet I can't seem to find any tutorials or advice on how I can change the shoulder seam. The large ones are the kind where the body is just a rectangle and the sleeve is sewn onto that, whereas the one I'm tracing off of has the sleeves set into the body (girly cut shirt, basically). If I just sew up the sides and bottom of the sleeve, it's still not going to look odd with those shoulder seems down my arms. Help? NEVERMIND. Somehow I missed the tutorial: resize tag and found one that should (fingers crossed) help me get it right.

Two - Some other large shirts have really cool designs on the back that I would love to have on the front instead, but I haven't really seen any designs that seem like they would work. Part of the problem is cutting the high back neck - if I cut it as low as the front, I lose part of the design. Any suggestions for designs that work with the shirt backwards?