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T-Shirt Fringe Scarf

Well I was completely inspired yesterday and I'm pleased to post that I created another beautiful scarf - I really love the fringe! Fringe and Feathers! I thought adding fringe to this scarf I hand-knit would give it the vibe I was wanting :) I used a plain black t shirt and turned it upside down, so the finished hem was facing up. I cut four rectangles (two for each of the scarf ends) with the top of each rectangle being the fished t-shirt hemming (which meant less sewing for me!). I then cut approx 13 quarter inch strips up to the finished hem, them pulled on each strip, to get the stringy fringed look! I then attached each in their place on the scarf :) viola!

Yet again, if you're interested in this scarf, email me

Fringe and Feathers

The fringe is made out of black t-shirt fabric, and the quill-tips of the feathers are covered with rows of black ribbon.

Long   Close Up

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