Quinn (frisefille) wrote in t_shirt_surgery,

Flounce help.

Hey everyone, I'm back from vacation and making a dress for picture day.

A few days ago shrinkle posted this tutorial on how to do the flounce on that dress.

1. Cut a donut shape. The hole of your donut should be a little bigger than your waist. The width of the actual fabric thingie depends on how long you want your hem.

2. Cut all the way thru one side

3. Start straightening it, and you'll see the bottom start to ruffle on its own

I couldn't get a hold of her and I wanted to finish this morning...

I went to map out my "donut" and saw I have no idea how to cut the waist part. Like..how do I measure that? I know to make it bigger than my waist by a bit, but how do I put that as a circle on the fabric? I hope you can help thanks!

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